Houdini™ Heatless Curler

Houdini™ Heatless Curler

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Get the Viral Curler Everyone is Talking About...

Our Heatless Curler ensures perfectly waves or curls, without heat damage. Rated the #1 beauty product of 2022, it's the ideal way to get the perfect curls. 

Create the perfect waves or curls without heat!


 No Heat Damage

    Normal curling wands weaken the hair follicles with high heat,  causing breakage and increased hair loss. Our Curler was specifically designed to gently shape your hair without damaging its natural beauty. 

Easy to Use

Just take five minutes to wrap your hair around the curling rod, apply the scrunchies, and you're good to go! No heat, special sprays, or plug-ins necessary.

Save Time

Never worry about spending 30 minutes curling you hair ever again. Just apply our heatless curler and go about your morning/ evening routine. It's comfortable enough for sleep too!

Our hoops are one size fits all, and include extra links to make sure it fits any hip or waist size!

The weighted hoop trains your full body. Leg muscles help to keep the weight in motion while your core stabalizes and balances. Add more weight to increase intensity. Most importantly, its great cardio!